PRL Sound-Control Laminated Glass is detail manufactured with a special acoustic grade PVB interlayer. This unique interlayer has advanced the technology for high-grade acoustic control. When used with IG multiple combinations, extraordinary sound reduction can be obtained.


Laminated glass is also better for sound transmittance and UV protection. Adding the interlayer between the glasses is an excellent barrier for noise and the interlayer itself has additives that can screen out the damaging UV rays. PRL’s 96” x 153”state of the art lamination line can fabrication up to 3” overall.

PRL is excited to have an In house lamination line and we are able to offer you custom made laminated glass with the fastest lead times in the industry. 

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Laminated glass is another option used when safety glass is required. It can be manufactured using glass that is annealed, heat strengthened or tempered and can be made up using different glass types including: tinted, reflective, patterned, and or mirror. Laminated glass is produced by bonding layers of glass together under pressure and heat, with a layer of film, called the interlayer, in between them. The interlayer absorbs the energy impact and allows the sheet as a whole to flex and bend. Although the glass may break, the glass fragments remain firmly bonded to the interlayer, minimizing the risk of injuries and or provide resistance to the passage of persons or objects.

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