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PRL Full Framed Cladded Doors exterior entrances offer elegance and durability. As a single-source supplier for glazing and metal products, we provide everything necessary to create a grand entryway.

Our full framed doors are constructed from heavy duty aluminum alloy, extruded in-house. We offer a variety of different architectural metal finishes for cladding, including 316 stainless steel upon request, oil rubbed bronze, and Kynar finishes. Our full frame entrance systems have all hardware preinstalled upon delivery and include your choice of door styles, glass, emergency egress panic device and exterior handles.

At PRL, we render five aluminum door stiles. Manufactured without visible glass stops, our 3″ narrow, 4″ medium and 5 ½” wide vertical stiles boast a clean, minimal-seam look.  Delivered with a host of options, these full framed aluminum doors can meet vast front entrance specifications. Accepting a wide variety of glass types in ¼” to 1″thicknesses, we can accommodate your needs.


Whether your plans call for tempered, laminated, insulated, or a decorative glass type such as textured, sandblasted or colored, our glass selection can’t be beat.

Full Frame Cladded Doors Including Panic Device

Panic devices are manufactured in-house from stainless steel, we furnish three styles; classic, innovative and unique for cladded full framed doors. Our Classic style is the traditional round tubular; the Unique, rendered with a tubular mitered silhouette corners; and the Innovative, crafted with a tubular square mitered profile. An L-shaped interior push bars with multiple exterior pull options.

PRL supplies complete Full Framed Clad Entry Systems faster than any manufacturer in the industry!

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Our cladded door stiles have a lot to offer!