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PRL offers a stunning selection of frameless all-glass doors for commercial and residential entryways. Available in standard and custom all-glass door styles, our streamlined door rails have minimal aluminum glass supports and door hardware that create an expansive, frameless, all-glass door appearance providing a spectacular all-glass view.

We offer five standard all-glass door styles in heavy tempered and tempered laminated glass thicknesses ranging from 3/8” to ¾”; our P style all-glass door, BP style, F style and A style. Available with continuous horizontal top and bottom rails, corner and patch rails, Euro patch fitting hardware or overhead and floor closer hardware, PRL’s selection of all-glass door styles provide quality and class to meet your needs.

Engineered to accommodate any type of hardware such as automatic and balanced door hardware, mechanical or electrical access controls and our standard hydraulic swing door controls, PRL’s standard door rail series uses a dry or wet glazing method with high-strength controlled compression cement.

Available in an assortment of hardware and door rail finishes such as brushed and polished stainless steel, satin and polished brass, clear and bronze anodized aluminum, Kynar paints and custom powder coats, we have a finish that will complement your all-glass door entryway with style.

Our all-glass entrance doors are rendered as complete systems for interior and exterior applications. For oversized doors we provide heavy-duty hardware to accommodate special widths and heights. So, whether your all-glass entryway calls for multiple glass door configurations, custom profiles, or sandblasted glass designs, we can fulfill your requirements with our unlimited glass types and metal finishes. At PRL, the possibilities are endless.

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PRL’s Samson hydraulic door patch fittings render an intelligent, resourceful design for interior, pivoting, all-glass doors. Designed to be mounted without a concrete recess, the Samson’s hydraulic closer is built into the bottom fitting providing quick, easy and cost effective installation without the need for digging. We offer two heavy-duty bottom hydraulic patch fittings. Suitable for single or double action doors, our Samson door patch fittings can accommodate 3/8” to 9/16” glass thicknesses.
 PRL’s Samson door patch fittings are an excellent solution when overhead and traditional floor spring closers can’t be used. Bearing a petite profile, the hydraulic closer’s device is concealed in a clever, compact design providing an impressive alternative to conventional closers and affording a clean, fluid expression for your all-glass entry.

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At PRL, we supply an incomparable collection of dry set and wet set door rail patch fittings for all-glass doors and entryways. Fabricated in-house from first-rate materials, we offer the choice of two eye-catching tapered and squared profiles for our dry set and wet set rail patch fittings.

Our door rail patch fittings measure 9 ½” long and accommodate glass thicknesses ranging from 3/8” to ¾”. Offering clad widths ranging from 1 7/8” to 2 5/16” and non-clad widths ranging from 1 ¾” to 2 3/16”, PRL can meet your project’s needs.

Available in a medley of premium standard and custom finishes, PRL offers quality dry and wet set rail patch fittings with sophistication. Select from our beautiful standard finishes such as clad brushed and clad polished stainless steel, clad, or clear anodize. Or choose from our lavish custom finishes such as powder coat, Kynar and custom paint, or custom anodize to accent your all-glass entry with refinement.


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Available in tapered and squared profiles, these components make for beautiful floor-to-ceiling storefronts, adjacent entry door windows, oversized glass surrounds and more 

Learn more about our Dryset Sidelite Rails

Available in tapered and squared profiles, these components make for beautiful floor-to-ceiling storefronts, adjacent entry door windows, oversized glass surrounds and more