PRL’s Traditional Wet-Set PRL’s Traditional Wet-Set Railing System is raising the bar by providing you a stronger rapid handrail system. Currently we are excited and proud to announce that our system has recently been tested and successfully met all requirements. PRL is raising the bar by providing you a stronger handrail system. It also has the unique feature of “drop-on covers”. Since they just drop onto slots in the base shoe, they are simple and fast to install. This feature allows you to change damaged pieces easily and inexpensively. It’s also a benefit if your customer wants to change the existing base shoe finish or just make it look new again!

PRL Traditional Wet-Set Glazed is fabricated upon customers request. The Glass thickness and type varies depending on  code where customers are installing their traditional handrail system. PRL offers tempered or laminated glass with multiple glass options such as: Clear, tinted, reflective, textured, sandblasted or custom design. Glass thickness varies  from 3/8“ to 1/2” laminated glass.  Built for durability and to enhance all handrail systems.


PRL extrudes, forms, and fabricates our own base shoe, top cap and post systems in-house! As a leading fabricator of tempered and laminated glass we are able to combine our glass and metal fabrication skills to supply your entire project. At PRL it is our goal to make your job easier and faster!


  • ASTM E 935 standard test methods for performance of permanent metal railing systems and rails for buildings. 
  • ASTM E 985 standard specifications for permanent metal railing systems and rails for buildings.

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We can produce everything from geometric shapes like parallelograms, special fabrication like notches, multiple holes, cut-outs and oversized panels to captivate all-glass railing designs.