Need a weather resistant indoor/outdoor sliding aluminum glass door wall entryway for your home or business but short on space? PRL has the solution: The Max Sliding Aluminum and Glass Door Wall System. Designed and engineered with the vision of creating a maximum height sliding entrance system that allows for a maximum, unobstructed, view the Max was born
This sliding door is a versatile glass door wall system designed for large glass entryways that provides an expansive view and unlimited adaptability for areas with limited space. Available as a traditional patio door, a multi-leaf/multi-slide stacking assembly, or a sliding pocket system our Max Slider is a must have for commercial or residential indoor/outdoor living areas.
The Max is a strong, aluminum framed, glass door wall system with a head/sill track, vertical jambs and is offered in our Cancun Bottom Roller or Cabo Top Hung Roller systems. When combined with PRL high performing glass Max Sliders can provide excellent energy efficiency, superb weather resistance, exceptional sound control and can be hurricane impact rated.
Our Max Sliding Aluminum and Glass Door Wall System is compatible with PRL’s aluminum entrance doors, all glass entrance doors, storefront systems and our curtain wall applications making it the ideal solution for home or business.
Made in the USA, extruded completely in-house, this product is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) friendly.
As the only premier glass door with the lowest profile sill and an AAMA rating for exterior use, PRL stands above the competition. It’s no surprise PRL has been the #1 glass and aluminum fabricator in Southern California for 27 years.



To accommodate a variety of commercial or residential indoor/outdoor needs PRL Glass designed a number of sliding and stacking aluminum glass door configurations that will sweep you off your feet.
Whether it’s a single pocket, sliding glass wall, multi-track, or 90 degree angular configuration we offer the finest craftsmanship unmatched by our competitors. Also available for oversized or custom glass wall entry projects PRL offers innovative solutions that will foster grandeur for your aluminum glass doors and entry.
Max Pocket System P, OX, OX/XO (and More) & OXX Configurations:
Ideal for hidden applications that require designers to consider wall space requirements, or custom offset surface mount bracket systems for interior applications, PRL designed the Max Pocket System. This basic configuration one-way slider provides smooth, easy, operation with durability and style that will last for years to come.

  • Full Track
  • Panel Storage/Pocket Area
  • Interlock Corner Jamb
  • High Performance 1 1/8” Standard Insulated (IG) glass units
  • Single & Multiple Head/Floor Tracks
  • Floor Track Panel/Bottom Rail
  • Dual Inset Guides
  • Quad Seal Floor Track
  • Beveled Nose (Optional) 

For spaciousness and an unobstructed view PRL designed the Max Angular System with a 90 degree angle. To foster smooth functionality interlocking stiles enable the wall to move easily and affords effortless closure by simply pulling the leading panel.
Available in two-panel, multi-panel, or bi-partition configurations and in our versatile Cabo Top Hung or Cancun Bottom Rolling systems customers are realizing the excellent quality of our Max Sliding doors. The demand for our Angular system has increased tremendously.
Max Angular System Features & Options:

  • Slender floor guide
  • Dual seal weather-stripping corner stiles
  • Lock option
  • Multiple panels/tracks
  • Head/floor tracks (Available for bottom roller system only)
  • Jamb indent fascia’s


To maximize space and allow multiple panels to slide at one time PRL fabricated the Max Wall System. Equipped with an intermediate one-way inset surface mount frame extra space is created allowing accentuated views. Using our one piece vertical interlock, in addition to standard Max slider features, multiple panels can be slid simultaneously combining ease with function.

Maximizing the features of a stacking system PRL designed a two-way, multiple track, sliding glass panel system. The Max Multi-Track System offers standard and special features accommodating unlimited designs in vertical or corner configurations.

For large aluminum sliding glass doors and oversized walls PRL fabricated the Max Oversize System. Accommodating heights up to 132” and widths up to 72”* our revolutionary extrusion process meets the demands of the toughest jobs.
Combining Max Sliders carefully reinforced construction, well-balanced extrusion properties, and durable hardware PRL provides high torsional values for rigidity that accommodates large doors and custom oversized glass wall systems.
For large, oversized, aluminum glass doors we designed our bottom rolling system with jumbo stainless steel rollers. Well suited for large door applications this system moves smoothly and easily with minimal effort you wouldn’t expect from oversized doors.          
*Please consult PRL for details.

Need a solution for irregular floor plans, unique architecture, oversized projects, or just want to engage your creative genius? A custom Max sliding glass aluminum wall system will afford you unlimited design and creative advantages. Selecting just the right metal, glass and hardware options to showcase your indoor/outdoor space will bring luxury and sophistication to your home or business. With an endless selection of the finest custom glass and exotic metal finishes you’re sure to create a refined ambiance. Whether it’s a standard or oversized project PRL will impress.
Please be advised some limitation apply to Max custom systems. Please consult a PRL Aluminum representative for details.


At PRL Glass we provide a number of vertical stile profile options for the Max Sliding Aluminum Door System.
To allow the least obstructed view we are proud to offer our 1” Ultra-Narrow stile. Carefully manufactured with a custom centerlock housing and sleek, vertical, lines your Max Sliding Aluminum Glass Door system will yield magnificent views and vistas.
Narrow sight vertical lines with standard 1 1/8” performance glazing extend unlimited adaptability to your aluminum and glass wall entryway. For particular designs and applications PRL offers glazing pocket adaptors.

Vertical Door Stile Profile Features & Options:

  • 1” Ultra-Narrow
  • 3” & 4” Standard
  • ¼”, 3/8”, & ½” Glass options (pocket adaptor)
  • ¼”, ½” & 9/16” with STD vinyl
  • ½” & 9/16” Laminated (Lami) glass options (pocket adaptor)
  • Performance & safety glazing options


In addition to our many configurations and stiles PRL is proud to offer our top hung and bottom roller series- the Cabo and Cancun, making the possibilities endless for your Max aluminum and glass door wall system.
Ideal for residential or commercial the Cabo and Cancun are versatile, durable, weather resistant systems that will bring lavish expression to your indoor/outdoor living area. Expand your living space by melding the indoors with the outdoors and order your Cabo or Cancun Max Slider today.


  • PRL’s Cabo Top Hung Max Slider offers a slender, flexible, top hung, design while keeping weather and sound protection in mind.
    Equipped with a narrow stainless steel bottom floor guide the Cabo affords a sleek, streamlined, profile. Need a smoother transition from one flooring surface to another? Select our optional concealed guide to eliminate the need for floor guide channels and create an uninterrupted floor.
    For maximum weather and sound protection the Cabo offers interlocking dual seal lead and quad seal stiles. PRL’s interlocking stiles and innovative mechanical drop seal system ensure a strong, weather tight, design that’s sure to last.     
  • Slender guide
  • Innovative weather resistant mechanical drop seal system
  • Guide clear floor area hidden guide tail
  • PRL’s Mighty* Top Hung Roller (*150 lbs. capacity each)
  • 2”, 3” & 5” Single extrusion top/bottom Rails (No glass stops):
  • Built to specifications
  • Quad-seal interlock system


  • Dual perimeter weatherstripping
  • 1”, 3” & 4” single extrusion vertical stiles (no glass stops)
  • Center lock housing (for 1” Ultra-Narrow stile)
  • Bug screen panel
  • Slender stainless steel guide exclusive mechanical drop sill system

Top Hung Cabo Series YouTube Video:

PRL’s Cancun Bottom Roller Max Slider offers the most flexible bottom rolling sliding functions while keeping weather and sound protection in mind.
The Cancun is designed to suit any design or site concepts allowing it to be used in a variety of interior and exterior applications for your home or business. Equipped with a solid aluminum bottom track and a stainless steel guide our bottom rolling door system slides easily and effortlessly.
For maximum weather and sound protection the Cancun offers interlocking dual seal lead and quad seal stiles. PRL’s interlocking stiles and innovative mechanical drop seal system ensure a strong, weather tight, design that’s sure to last.
Cancun Bottom Roller Standard Features:

  • ¼”, 3/8” & ½” pocket reducer for safety tempered or laminated glass
  • ¼”, ½” & 1 1/8” vinyl for safety tempered or laminated glass
  • Single & multiple head/floor tracks
  • Heavy duty (HD) bottom roller system
  • Floor track panel/bottom rail dual inset guides
  • Quad seal floor track. Beveled nose (optional ½” or ¾”)
  • Custom seal pans to accommodate to conditions
  • Flush cover head/floor track inactive sliding guides
  • Full track

Cancun Bottom Roller Options:

  • Heavy Duty (HD) Grade Stainless Steel:
  • 1” Ultra-narrow 3” & 4” door stiles
  • High performance 1 1/8” standard insulated glass (IG) units
  • High performance 9/16” custom laminated glass (LAMI) units


  • Heavy duty (HD) grade stainless steel system: 3” roller diameter. 350 lbs. capacity (each)
  • Standard System: 1.5” Roller diameter. 175 lbs. capacity (each)

Bottom Roller Cancun Series YouTube Video:


For our Max Sliding Aluminum Door System PRL is proud to offer innovative nail fin technology. Using nail fins allows integration of rain-screened building skins and is suitable for wet plaster, siding and EFIS construction systems.
At PRL we offer nail fin technology for box frame screens. Available in multiple sill heights for improved water resistance we also offer a ½” high sill frame leg to accommodate ADA requirements.
Our integral all-in-one frame includes two track door rails and one screen track to provide the strength and durability you’ve come to expect from PRL Glass. Available in traditional multi-slide, dual tandem, top or bottom rolling systems our screens are equipped with all stainless steel rollers for sturdy, long lasting operation.



Max Sliding Aluminum Door Systems are fabricated to resist above average weather conditions for all elements and temperatures extremes for water, air, heat and cold. At PRL we only offer the best. Hurricane resistant, and with exceptional AAMA and NFRC ratings, we provide incomparable weather resistance and safety options giving you peace of mind.
Ideal for homes, resort installations and businesses our certified weather resistant features are excellent for air and water infiltration, structural wind loads, seismic design and hurricane resistance. Max Sliders offer the advantages of safe, effective, weather resistance and a captivating sliding glass door wall system all in one.
Important Note:
Effective performance results depend on a balanced combination of factors between architectural conditions and design criteria as well as industry standard performance for water and air resistance guidelines. Some projects may require tighter weather resistance. Accessories and alternative architectural designed elements and modifications are available.
Please consult PRL for details.
Max Slider Weather Resistant Features & Options:

  • Quad-seal floor track system
  • Quad-seal interlock weatherstripping
  • Quad-seal wall jamb weatherstripping
  • Head dual perimeter weatherstripping

AAMA Product Basic Designation Exterior Ratings:

  • R-PG15-SD: Low profile sills top hung                                                   
  • CW-PG35-SD: Bottom roller                                                   
  • CW-PG45-SD: Bottom roller                                                   
  • NFRC for high performance glass




PRL’s Max System has an NFRC report available (report #: SIM140-048). The report is based on a 79” x 79” OX sliding door unit and evaluates the U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and Visible Light Transmittance (VT) obtained using various insulated glass (IG) configurations.
Best performance was obtained using ¼” SNX-6227 Low E glass over ¼” solar grey glass with ½” argon filled air spacer (.53 UF, .22 SHGC, and .46 VT). Similar results with greater Visible Light Transmittance (VT) can be obtained using clear glass in lieu of grey.
Please see below for a better understanding of what this report determines:
U-Factor: Measures the heat from inside a room that can escape. The lower the number, the better.
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): Measures the amount of solar heat entering a room. The lower the number, the better.
Visible Transmittance (VT): Refers to the amount of visible light entering through a window.
NFRC = National Fenestration Rating Council



Our Max Sliders were designed and tested for hurricane resistance in a laboratory under controlled environmental conditions. This test simulated the weather in pacific coastal areas and has proven to be an exceptional performer in the field.


  • Zone 3 suitable.
  • Wind Zone III (200 mph)
  • Hurricane-susceptible region tested

Test reports available upon request
The Max Slider System includes PRL aluminum extrusions, PRL glass and PRL weather stripping technology. This technology provides weather tight features that narrow the gap of acceptable water and air infiltration compared to industry standard requirements.
Click Here to Watch Our Max Slider Hurricane Resistant Glass Test Video:



PRL offers an array of impressive door locks and pull handles for the Max Sliding Aluminum Door System.
Available in an assortment of brilliant finishes we provide the best in form and function. Ranging from our standard elegant, cultured designs to stunning, embellished custom designs PRL makes it easy to pair your Max door lock and pull handle hardware.


PRL’s Max Aluminum Sliding Doors are available with a variety of locking options. Our Max Slider door locksets can be paired with standard flush escutcheons, luxurious stainless steel, deep finger pulls or custom pull hardware of your choosing.
For solid access and security control our deadbolt and jamb bolt locksets are top notch. These locking options accommodate our flush mount finger pulls to provide well-balanced pull hardware.
Our unique 2-point security lock provides high-grade security affording an aesthetically pleasing sliding glass door design. For increased security PRL offers a high-end stainless steel CN double hook-bolt. For ultra-narrow stile doors custom lock housings are available.
Other Max Lock Hardware Available:

  • HS two point deadlock: ¾” x 11 ¾” faceplate
  • Jamb dual bolt: 13/16” x 27 9/16” stiles catch faceplate
  • Standard flush lockset/centerlock housing: ½” x 3 ¼” lock faceplate (Available for ultra-narrow stile only)



PRL Glass offers an assortment of alluring pull handles for the Max Slider System in a variety of luxurious finishes. Because Max sliding doors are often quite large, we offer a selection of offset pull handles that provide balanced opening and closing that allow heavy doors to open smoothly, quietly and with ease.
Our offset ladder pulls, manufactured in-house, can be fabricated and customized to any desired length. Tubular offset pulls are readily available in 10”, 12”, and 18” lengths. For a fluid, contemporary design PRL’s curved offset stainless steel door pull will add trendsetting elegance to your sliding glass wall entry.
To accommodate smaller doors our basic flush pull handle was designed affording your entrance crisp, clean, understated lines. A popular favorite, the D pull, accents sliding glass doors beautifully tying in both form and function with an aesthetically pleasing presence.
Other Max Pull Handles Available:

  • Deep finger pull (DFP):  1 5/16” W x 9” H
  • PRL also offers Cancun (CN), Cabo (CB) and Acapulco (AC) style pull handles*. 
  • *Custom sizes, technical, and functional limitations apply. Please contact PRL for details.




PRL offers an endless selection of glass options for your Max Sliding Aluminum Door System. Accommodating any configuration, vertical stile profile, our Cabo (Top Hung) or Cancun (Bottom Roller) Systems our glass options are sure to please the most discriminating client.
Available for single pane and insulated glass (IG) our Max Slider glass provides safety and high performance for your home or office. PRL’s expertly extruded glass options, all manufactured in-house, provide maximum levels of natural sunlight while lowering solar heat loads.
Available in clear, tinted, spandrel, low emissivity (Low E), reflective, laminated and textured glass you’re sure to find the just the right glass to meet the needs for your home or business.


To help reduce ambient and environmental noise PRL offers “Sound-Control Laminated Glass” for your Max Sliding Door System.
Our “Sound-Control Laminated Glass” is fabricated with a special acoustic grade PVB interlayer. This unique interlayer has advanced the technology for high-grade acoustic control. When used with insulated glass (IG), or other multiple combinations, extraordinary sound reduction can be obtained.
Keep the indoors in and the outdoors out by ordering Sound-Control Laminated Glass and reducing unnecessary traffic, street and environmental noise for your home or business today.



PRL offers several lustrous finishes for Max Slider Aluminum and Glass Door Systems. Offering standard selections in clear, medium and dark bronze anodized, white and black powder coat, or custom finishes such as painted or graphic wood grains allows unlimited options to personalize your glass walls and entryway in style.
Some custom finishes present limitations. Please consult PRL Aluminum for details.
Click Here for PRL’s Max Sliding Door Specs: