PRL’s Stainless Steel Flex Posts can help you achieve quick and attractive results for interior or exterior railing applications. Our Custom Flex Posts are just that…”flexible”, and our adjustable stand-offs can easily adapt to special angles on your job conditions. With our in-house full capacity metal fabrication capabilities we can create Custom Posts to any height, shape and form with maximum accuracy and craftsmanship.

We offer a wide variety of customization for commercial and residential custom handrail or guardrail post for your railing system. Whether your project calls for a unique post height, shape or railing configuration, we can accommodate a diverse range of designs.
At PRL, our handrail and guardrail posts are made to order. Furnishing stainless steel and aluminum systems crafted to your specifications, these materials have a lot to offer.

Rendered in a large assortment of post heights and profiles, our most popular sellers include round styles in 1 1/2″ or 2″ diameters and 2″x 2″ square tube 1/8 wall thickness. For greater versatility, handrails and guardrails can be design to accommodate fix or adjustable glass brackets.

In addition to traditional in-line configurations, corner railings in 90˚and 135 or Ideal for specialized angles, our custom posts enable numerous railing layouts.With our in-house full capacity metal fabrication capabilities we can create any posts  with maximum accuracy and craftsmanship. All our Handrail/Guardrail Posts offer strength, durability and safety required for a railing system, while enhancing the appearance of your project with elegance and style!


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We can produce everything from geometric shapes like parallelograms, special fabrication like notches, multiple holes, cut-outs and oversized panels to captivate all-glass railing designs.