In an effort to meet our customer’s needs for complete aluminum systems from a single source supplier PRL designed our impressive exterior Accordion Sliding Bi-fold aluminum and glass door system. PRL’s sliding bi-fold doors combine an unembellished, crisp, avant-garde aluminum frame with an endless selection of enticing, superior quality custom fabricated glass that fosters a cutting edge presence that is sure to impress!
This superior sliding door system provides a strong, durable, versatile, space saving design.  Available in a variety of breathtaking frame and door panel finishes and an unlimited selection of masterfully fabricated glass, it can be manufactured in standard or custom configurations.  With this kind of innovation, it’s no wonder that PRL Glass has been the #1 aluminum and glass fabricator in Southern California for 27 years.
The greatest advantage of our bi-fold sliding doors is their dual functionality. Ourdoorpanels effortlessly slide into a neatly stacked side orientation creating a completely unobstructed, spacious entrance. Available for commercial or residential entryways, imagine the space saving, expansive, and inviting view these sliding bi-fold aluminum and glass doors will create for your home or business!
Looking for energy efficiency but don’t want to compromise style?  PRL has the solution! Choose our thermally broken doors and frames in your choice of finish. Our aluminum bi-fold doors can be glazed with 1” dual pane insulated glass or 1 5/16” triple pane insulated glass for maximum energy efficiency.
When safety and security are of primary concern PRL has the answer!  Choose our tempered/laminated insulated glass (IG) or our impact rated laminated glass with SentryGlas Plus (SGP) interlayer. PRL’s tempered/laminated IG glass will ensure strength and durability allowing yourdoorsto provide great appeal and satisfaction for years to come. The interlayer of our SGP impact rated laminated glass assures safety, toughness, and peace of mind while enhancing the beauty of your entryway.
PRL accordion bi-fold doors can be used in a wide range of applications, configurations and functionality requirements. Developed with precision, our doors include a durable top hung roller system, a smooth sliding floor guide, sturdy locking hardware and an innovative seal design that has resulted in an exceptional door system with a large variety of available in-line/multiple panel configurations.
Offering your choice of finish in clear or bronze anodized (class 1), white powder coat, dual tone, wood grain, or a custom Kynar color selection, PRL aims to satisfy. And with our impressive selection of premium glass options you can create a sweeping, visionary, entrance that will captivate for years to come. Join the increasing popularity of the indoor/outdoor living sliding door market and call PRL today!

  • 2” H x 4 ¾” W head track
  • Top hung roller
  • 3 ½” H x 2 ½” W top/bottom thermal break and single glass stop rails
  • Integral dual weather seal interlock system
  • High performance 1” insulated glass (IG) glazing
  • Dual perimeter weather stripping
  • 3 ½” W x 2 ½” D vertical thermal break/single glass top stiles
  • PRL Hinge uni-body design/integral weather stripping
  • ¾” H x 6-1/4 standard Low Sill bottom floor guide
  • 1 3/4” H x 4 ¾” W High Sill floor guide
  • ½ H x 5-7/8 W partially recessed ADA sill
  • Custom design bi-fold system
  • All stainless steel top hung hardware/mortise hinge system
  • Designed for durability
  • Surface hinge option provides simple operation
  • Superior rigidity and performance
  • Concealed locking
  • Perimeter three point seals
  • Insulated Glass (IG) Units
  • Low Emissivity (Low E) glass
  • Reflective glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Dual insulated glass
  • Triple insulated glass
  • Performance glass
  • Safety glass
  • Hurricane impact rated glass
  • SentryGlas Plus Laminated
  • Clear Anodized, Class 1
  • Bronze Anodized, Class 1
  • White Powder Coat
  • Kynar Finish
  • Dual Tone
  • Wood Grain
  • Standard Mill Finish (Available for custom colors)
  • Custom Finishes
  • Lever Lock Sets:
  • 316 Stainless steel
  •  Powder coat over brass
  • Faceplate, latch and hooks.
  • 3 Lock Point Deadbolts Available: Deadbolt, upward throw bolt, and downward throw bolt
  • Lever lock set: A contemporary handle style
  • Single Direction Specifications:
  • Maximum Panel Weight: 220 lbs. each panel
  • Minimum Panel Width: 24’
  • Maximum Panel Width: 42”
  • Maximum Panel Height: 120”
  • Door Thickness: 2 ½”
  • Maximum Number Doors: 8 each way = 16 panels = 45 ft. total
  • Extrusions: Aluminum 6063-T5

*NOTE: When using maximum panel width and height (42” x 120”) panel may exceed maximum panel weight of 220 lbs. Panel heights of 120” and over may fall under weight restrictions. Consult PRL for details.

Please contact PRL for available configurations.

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