Prl Samson Hinge

PRL’s Samson hydraulic door patch fittings render an intelligent, resourceful design for interior, pivoting, all-glass doors. Designed to be mounted without a concrete recess, the Samson’s hydraulic closer is built into the bottom fitting providing quick, easy and cost effective installation without the need for digging.

We offer two heavy-duty bottom hydraulic patch fittings. Suitable for single or double action doors, our Samson door patch fittings can accommodate 3/8” to 9/16” glass thicknesses.

PRL’s Samson door patch fittings are an excellent solution when overhead and traditional floor spring closers can’t be used. Bearing a petite profile, the hydraulic closer’s device is concealed in a clever, compact design providing an impressive alternative to conventional closers and affording a clean, fluid expression for your all-glass entry.  For more details click here