Aluminum Curtain Wall
PLCW Series designed and engineered for maximum performance with highest quality assurance. Suitable for low, mid and high raise application.


PRL's Curtain wall is a  rain screened, pressure equalized, high performance product for buildings that require the highest of performance and quality.

  Available Series
Available in a 2-1/2' face width, their standard overall depth is:
  • 6" in the PLCW-600
  • 7" in the PLCW-700
  • 10" in the PLCW-1000
 Interchangeable parts and multiple face caps allow for endless possibilities of mullion depth and customization.

  Additional Features
  • Structural glaze verticals
  • Structural glaze horizontals
  • Vertical sunshade options
  • Horizontal sunshade options
  • Light shelf adaptable

  Performance Characteristics
  • Air infiltration:- 0.02 cu/ft/min/ft² @ 6.24 psf
  • Static water resistance:- up to 15 psf
  • Dynamic water resistance:- up to 15 psf
  • Structural performance:- engineered to your building design requirment
  • Δm :- beyond 1-1/2"
  • Thermal performance:-
    • U-factor:- 0.33*
    • SHGC:- 0.15*
* Thermal performance is very dependent on your choice of frame options and glass. Basis of numbers are 4 sided structural glaze with versalux blue V2000R guardian SN698 eith argon.