Aluminum Extrusion


Available Finishes:

  • An odizing; available in lengths of up to 30'-0, in clear, bronze or black
  • Bright-Dip finishes in chrome, gold, black and nickel in lengths of up to 12'-0
  • Paint available in polyester or kynar finishes in lenghts of up to 28'-0
  • Powder; available ina multitude of colors in acrylics, urethanes and polyesters

Extrusion Saw

Aging Oven


There is no challenge to PRL when it comes to producing the highest quality extrusion with our equipment. Very complex hollows of all sizes and shapes are very common for us.
  • Custom Designed Extrusion
  • Fabrication/CNC capabilities
  • Up to 9 1/2" diameter shapes extrusion
  • Fastest Lead Times in the industry
  • Aluminum Extrusion Process

  • Our Powerful 2400-Metric ton press is capable of extruding heavy weight shapes of up to 10 lbs./ft. and then some depending on alloy
  • Custom or Standard shapes from as little as 3/8 inches to 8 inches in circle size or 3 x10 rectangle
  • This extrusion press increases production by allowing for use of larger billets
  • Dies tolerance have been optimized for the extrusion and are continuosly monitored throughout the extrusion press.
  • We have exceptional capabilities when it comes to hollow shapes, holding tight tolerances and maintaining a uniform wall thickness
  • We specialize in 6,000 series alloys and inventory 6063,6463,6005 and 6061; available in a variety of tempers.
  • PRL carries most standard shapes in stock

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