Total Vision Systems

PRL TOTAL VISION SYSTEMS takes glass to full magnitude with an absolute transparency with euro fitting that are a minimal metal door support offered in a combination modular dimension and engineered to accommodate door hardware.

PRL’s Total Vision System is a combination of heavy tempered glass used in conjunction with a line of European style door hardware designed for all-glass entrance systems that allows absolute transparency. Our Total Vision System door patch fittings are comprised of minimal metal supports that provide maximum, unobstructed, visibility and secure all-glass door function. For more details please click here

Fittings use a dry/mechanical glazed method with precision bolt in a versatile modular dimension (2" x 6-1/2"). Feature removable cover plates with available finishes in aluminum anodize, Standard steel and brass.


Transom/SL/Fin/Pivot Bracket
4-1/8"H  / 8-1/2" W
Transom/SL/Pivot Bracket
4-1/8"H  / 8-1/2" W
Lock Patch Fitting
2" H  / 6-1/2" W
 PL-414 / 424
Bottom / Top Patch Fitting
2" H  / 6-1/2" W
Transom/SL/Pivot Bracket
4-1/8"H  / 8-1/2" W
SM (side/Top) Fin Bracket
4-3/8"H / 4-5/8 W

Patch Fitting



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